Plates of 5mm soda-lime glass were impacted by 5mm steel projectiles traveling at velocities of ~30 to ~91 m/s at angles between 45º and 60º -- 0/360º being vertical. Impact features were recorded and compared to bolide impact characteristics in craters on Earth, the Moon and Mars. Hertzian cone (HC), ring cracks, wall fracturing and comminuted landscapes were examined in photographic comparisons to determine physical likenesses and differences and to view potential changes in projectile velocity and angle and their effect in variances on crater features. They were then viewed beside known meteor impact craters for comparison. Sub-crater features in glass were studied and noted for future comparison to possible like characteristic in rock. Then, Hertzian fracture (HF), cone and mold (HFM) characteristics were recorded and studied for circ and parenthesis shaped features found in craters....
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A.T. Dowd Research
Comparitive Features in Glass and Rock Impact Craters
by JAMES BYOUS, Chief Associate, WALTER GRUBB, Field logistics
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